Mt. Wire Group Hug | From left: Steve, Zac, Scott, Craig, & Jennilynn

It happened like the best tornado that ever existed at a time when I desperately needed a change in life’s weather patterns. I was trotting along a trail in life I had never seen before, very much alone for very many miles with no change to that in sight, and suddenly I found myself surrounded by the most unique, talented, accepting, rowdy (not to mention really ridiculously good-looking), adventurous, supportive, and loving crowd I’ve ever been a part of.

I barely had a chance to learn everyone’s names before I was embraced and adopted into the heart of the best tribe on the planet, and without hesitation or question of ‘worthiness’. As if it was the only option. I was lovingly told I didn’t get a choice because they were going to keep me and love me whether I wanted them to or not. It has been life-altering, and after a matter of weeks I already don’t know what I would ever do or how I have ever truly enjoyed life without them.

Unexpected, indeed. In the best, most perfect, incredible way possible.