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Training blogs are a dime a dozen anymore. I’ve hesitated to put one up at all because I have no intention to ever pursue becoming a pro runner or competing for anything but Biggest Runnerd. I’m not a coach and I’m not a sponsored runner. What I am is excited, and what matters to me is pushing myself past the next limitation in my mind and having as many amazing experiences with as many incredible people as possible while doing it. I have a lot of goals, but they’re not about race times or pushing as fast as I can to the next longest distance. I want to take my time and I want my experience in the trail and ultra world to always be exactly that: mine, defined only by the expectations I set for myself and the goals I want to pursue, no matter how they change with time.

With that in mind, here’s a little breakdown of what you can expect.

What You Won’t Find Here:
  • Swag/Race Giveaways
  • Big Name Sponsorships
  • FKTs or Course Records
  • Competitive Racing Tips
  • Detailed Training Plans
  • Lots of things that probably would be very useful to you if I had any idea what I was doing..
What You Will Find Here:
  • Jump Shots
  • Dorking Around
  • Sappy Moments
  • Beginner’s Luck
  • Giddy Progress
  • And most importantly, an endless pursuit of limits.

I’m glad you’re here. I hope you are, too.

– j

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  1. Steve Pierce

    I started running in 2011 with the only focus to race, as that is what I thought people who run do, and quickly ventured into trail and ultra marathons because of the nature aspect. I’ve done a couple 100 mile races, which were novel in the beginning but have found myself going through the motions and not truly enjoying the experience.

    I’ve been thinking about eliminating races and getting back to just running trails for fun. It is so much more satisfying to connect on solo runs, low key training runs and fat ass events.

    Lived in WA and CO at different times in my life and miss the mountains. At times, I see cloud formations on the horizon and “see” the mountains; but for now enjoy any time on trails available in the midwest.

    I stumbled on your blog from a Facebook share and love your philosophy! Now, feeling more empowered in my decision to remove the speed and competition and just enjoy my encounters in nature. Hoping to make my way back to the mountains in the future, but ready to embrace your “What You Won’t Find Here”.

    Thank you – Trailrunner

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